Neutralize & Neutralize Pro Sanitization

Neutralize™ and Neutralize™ Pro Sanitization Installation Packages

Your home should be a place to relax, unwind and feel safe. With the added time now spent at home, it’s more important than ever that all rooms are free of contaminants – and that includes your floors. Available as an add-on to any installation, Neutralize eliminates mold, mildew and germs from your home, including 99.9% of viruses. And yes, that includes COVID-19.  

Neutralize™ for Residential Applications

  • It Disinfects – We apply an EPA-registered sanitizer that disinfects and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
  • It Shields – A layer of antimicorbial protectant will be placed between your subfloor and floor, with nanospikes that prevent mold, fungi and bacteria.
  • It Lasts – We guarantee protection for three months, so you can enjoy your new floors without worry.

The Neutralize™ Process:

Step 1: The disinfectant is applied to the room using an electrostatic fogger. Fogging provides better coverage than spraying or wiping, and it covers a larger area. Step 2: The disinfectant is allowed to site for 10 minutes, to completely kill the virus. Step 3: Additionally, we can apply a pre-spray to your subfloor to protect from mold and mildew for three full months. Neutralize™ is completely safe, protecting your home, family, and business with no VOCs or off-gassing. It is suitable for a wide range of applications – from food-contact surfaces in your kitchen to hospital rooms.  Sergenian’s uses our Neutralize system at both of our locations, fogging each of them weekly.  We Neutralize our showroom every Wednesday morning, immediately before we open for our 9:30-10:30am Senior Shopping Hour.

Neutralize™ Pro for Commercial Applications

If Neutralize Pro is added to your commercial flooring installation, we will implement a seven-step system that not only gives you beautiful new floors, but also trust in the safety of your space.

The Neutralize™ Pro Process:

Step 1: Subfloors are cleaned with a HEPA-certified vacuum. Step 2: Provided as an optional upgrade, an ionizer will scrub your air of particles to within 0.3 microns. Step 3: An antimicrobial coating is applied to the subfloor, creating a shield against mold, mildew and other bacteria. Step 4: Your beautiful new floors will be installed. Step 5: New floors are cleaned with the HEPA-certified vacuum. Step 6: Disinfectant is applied to help kill viruses (including COVID-19) within minutes. Step 7: Technicians regularly return to vacuum and reapply disinfectant.

Sergenian’s Services

Sergenian’s offers a wide array of services to help install and maintain your flooring. When installing new floors, or simply looking to sanitize your home or office space, the proprietary Neutralize system kills mold, mildew, germs and viruses. When installing new carpet, our Smart Choice Installation package and installation guarantee is unmatched. When looking to maintain your existing wood floors, we can help you choose between wood floor cleaning or our Bona Certified Wood Floor Refinishing process.