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Madison's Stone Tile Experts

Tan stone tile in living area

Stone Tile from Sergenian's

Nature has provided us with a wide array of natural materials to enhance your home and make your project truly unique. Natural Stone comes in many varieties and colors along with the availability of different finishes to surface. Sergenian’s can offer you several types of natural stone including: Marble, Granite, Slate, Limestone, Travertine and Onyx.

Which Tile is Right for the Job?

Glass - Glass tile is popular as a focal point for that “one-of-a-kind” touch to many projects. Available in many sizes and shapes, it has been traditionally used for accents on shower walls and floors, and kitchen backsplashes. Glass tile are available in colored see thru looks, foil backed tiles with metallic appearances, as well as small mosaic tiles with a mixture of colors in each tile.

Granite - Granite tiles are extremely hard and scratch resistant. A crystalline, platonic rock formed by slowly cooling magma of various colors. Granite contains 3 main minerals, Quartz, Alkali Feldspar and Plagioclase Feldspar. Granite tiles are most often used in a polished surface finish.

Limestone - Formed over many years at the bottoms of oceans and lakes from the accumulation of shells, bones, and other calcium rich goods, Limestone is a softer, more open, poured stone which is normally used in natural unpolished look, without any gloss like marble.

Marble - Marble has long been valued for its beauty, unique veining, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. Marble is formed from Limestone by extreme heat and pressure which forces the Limestone to change in texture and makeup. Marble tiles are available in several surface finishes including: polished, semi-polished, honed or tumbled.

Slate - Slate consists of grains of Mica and Quartz. Slate results when the earth's crust squeezes these minerals into parallel layers. This stone is split into thin sheets rather easily. Slate tiles typically have an irregular surface, as opposed to the smooth finish of many other stones.

Travertine - Travertine is limestone that has deposits of calcium crystals in layers on the surface. This product is porous with many visible holes. Travertine can be filled or left unfilled for a more rustic appearance.

White granite tile in bathroom


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