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Smart Choice Installation from Sergenian's

When replacing existing carpet or flooring in your home, you can choose our Smart Choice Installation Package which includes these great features:



Installation Guarantee

Sergenian’s Forever Free Guarantee means that every carpet installation will be backed by our service department for life. Our installers utilize the latest power stretch process to prevent carpet buckling and promote stability. If the carpet ever puckers, pops or splits, we will fix it for free.


Carpet Reclamation

Sergenian’s Landfill Free Guarantee means that any carpet we remove will not end up in a landfill. As part of Wisconsin’s first comprehensive reclamation program, Sergenian’s has kept over 20.5 million pounds of carpet and padding out of area landfills.


Where does your old carpet go? Instead of sending tons of carpet to landfills, Sergenian’s routes the carpet to a plant where the material is separated into the products that can currently be reclaimed. The small portion that can’t be reclaimed is converted from waste to energy. Sergenian’s Carpet Reclamation Promise is a part of our Smart Choice Package!



Furniture Moving

Let Sergenian’s professional installers move your furniture, both before and after installation. Different types of flooring have unique installation processes, so our team will confirm moving requirements and limitations before your installation.

Blue carpet in bedroom